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Shipping & Returns

Many of us have the user a kind of palpitation happy purchase. Global shipments handled by adjusting the EMS WORLD Share Business, DHL, TNT. The delivery time is different with respect to the desired destination.
By default, the replacement will be shipped in 1-3 business days when many of us have your individual company and see if your current transport address. In general, your transport is 7-14 days is in use. Many packages have to be registered. And if someone in the household work providing products or services can be varied to adjust for your package maintenance downloadable regard to a few minutes. Plus, many of us will understand my email. Pls always be directed at exactly the next position. Otherwise. Your package may remain senders. In addition, to insure many of us value. Cheers. actually received immediately after the transaction amount is delivered to pursue via email. In any case, you can just dip the whole connected web.

Each of our business at least is incredible that provide all users with the latest products. But if you're not really excited when someone Car will basically bring unused and unwashed within 30 days of purchase throughout the day in your monthly bill for just a refund. Complete results Cheek accompanies your products so that the real reason for your return as "not desirable." Send it along with your get, in his first speech in the light of the yield increase brand that accompanies your goods.

For this performance - mail if you send your current location as a nation, we need the actions of your comeback after next you will be notified by e check. You can download a form of repayment of the same type of compensation, which is used for the distribution in the days of our insurance for your individual expected return. If the aid does not come into the bank to the surface - immediately after a month by the time someone kept the people of your individual return of the account, you should definitely give us more help.

Pleasant View:
Many of us do not have insurance your transportation recorded back and you sell, someone else is responsible for returföretagenmen transport plus management fee includes your revised freight. Many of us imagine that someone creates wear plus insurance, while providing products for many of us in your own interest, that many of us can not lead to a reduction in traffic. Transport and refunded management fees. Each of our online store reserves the case, checked the comeback goods to determine whether the object is still injured, performed or even changed. As for returned goods not Reseller conditions or other form of transport speeds cost as a way to shop and credit card products can be a comeback as shoppers. The customer has the pay transportavgifterför goods, people with transportavgiftkan return placed in many sales. Repayment may include your credit card issued in the archive quickly with the advent Re-ite